Many of the Jalaram Temples and Centres offer prashad to visitors. However, many of them also offer additional services as described below. 

Please see the Jalaram Centre website or Face Book group for more details. Some FAQs are listed below.

Jalaram Prashad

Jalarambapa Prasad is offered to all devotees who visit. Some offer meals on Thursdays and others daily. Many centres offer daily lunch to the elderly and infirm as required.


Accommodation is made available at many temples and centres for visiting devotees and pilgrims who come for darshan. Everyone is welcomed to have daily prashad.

special projects

Hindu Organ Donation support in UK, Stop One-time Use of Plastic, Planting trees to support the environment and eco-friendly practices like recycling are encouraged.

Medical care

Cataract removal eye camps, health checks like BMI and Diabetes, general medical support, prescription services, etc are provided as appropriate.

homeless support

Daily hot meals are provided to the poor and needy, regardless of caste or creed. Overnight stay is offered as required, sometimes over several nights during winter season.

Bal Vikas

Many centres offer children language classes for Gujarati, and religious / cultural education. Exercise and Cultural dance activities are also hosted for children.

Frequently asked questions

Jalaram Prashad is free for all who visit. Homeless Support and Medical Care are offered on a complimentary basis as deemed appropriate. Accommodation &  Education facilities are charged at a nominal rate.

Visiting hours and Prashad timings are detailed for each centre on their websites. Notice is preferred for catering purposes, if devotees / visitors are coming in large numbers by coach. For Education classes advance booking is necessary.

No, you do not need to be a Hindu. Only Hindu vegetarian food is served in the meals provided as prashad. Dress code and rules will need to be observed as required for each temple and centre.

Donations are very welcome as they support the services provided. However there is no mandatory requirement. Where any nominal charge is to be made for a particular service then this will be advised in advance. Donations may be made online as per details provided, and a receipt will be issued as requested.

Each centre has its own support team of volunteers. However people are welcome to come and help as part of their sewa. Please contact the centre you wish to visit to get details.