Jalaram Jayanti Worldwide celebrations - Objectives

  • Celebrate Bapa's Birthday & Launch Jalaram Temples Worldwide network

  • Promote the Sadavrat sewa provided in all Jalaram Temples internationally

  • Raise the profile of Jalaram Youth groups worldwide

  • Promote “Ang Daan” (Hindu Organ Donation) project by Jalaram Mandir Leicester

  • Mark the 25th Anniversary of Jalaram Mandir Leicester

  • Provide update on Jalaram Temple Dubai & Perth – first Jalaram Temple in the countries

Jalaram Jayanti Worldwide celebrations on 22nd November 2020 - Report

The event was a great success with Temples in 72 towns and cities worldwide taking part. Many thousands of devotees worldwide watched the 11 hours of coverage of Bapa’s Temples, with Darshans from all the Temples which were showcased in the unique Yatra. The vibrations of Bapa’s prayers were felt globally. Many Santos and Diginatories provided well wishes messages. The feather in the cap was a letter from India PM Shri Narendra Modi himself. CLICK HERE. Bapa’s 221st Birthday was celebrated in style. The 25th Anniversary of Leicester Jalaram Mandir was also celebrated and put the Temple on the World map. All the Temples offering Sadavrat were shown giving their sewa. The new planned Bapa Temples in Perth and Dubai were given a profile with their showcase. The international Bhajan programme in the UK was very well received, with singers from many Temples worldwide. Navigate the Chart below to view videos of the whole day which are stored on our YouTube Channel.

GDPR Note: Jalaram Jayanti Worldwide (JJWW)

The personal details of temple representatives, video clips and photo slide shows will be used by the JJWW project and will be shared on various TV, YouTube, FB and other Social Media channels. By providing the items and information above for broadcast purposes we assume full permission is given for Copyright and GDPR purposes worldwide. We will not share material for any other purpose than to promote the Jalarambapa Worldwide Network via our website and associated social media channels. There will not be any commercial use made of any of the material above.